Dr. Martin

Dr. Doug Martin is a natural teacher that graduated Cum Laude from Birmingham Southern College. He was raised in Huntsville and earned his DMD in Dentistry from the University of Alabama in 1987. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Alabama Dental Association, the Birmingham District Dental Society and the Executive Board of the Greater Alabama Council of Boy Scouts.  Dr. Martin has three children, loves to vacation, enjoys golfing, fly fishing, and mountaineering when he can find the time.

Dental Training Academy is licensed by the Alabama Community College System  

Amanda Golden

Amanda Golden, Teacher, Professional Hygienist

Amanda has had a passion for dentistry for as long as she can remember. She asked her family dentist so many questions on each of her routine visits that one day he told her he would hire her when she turned 16 years old. Years later, on her 16th birthday, he called. That day began her dental journey. She started as an assistant, working in a co-op program through high school, went to college at the University of Montevallo, working in the dental field on holidays and Summers, and earned her degree in hygiene through the preceptorship program at UAB. She is presently the Office Manager and a practicing dental hygienist at Inverness Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, where she has been for 20 years and is the founder of Dental Training Academy.

“24 years later, I’ve yet to lose passion for the dental field and the patients it brings my way. It’s fascinating, ever changing , and keeps you on your toes.”

“The Dental Training Academy is here to give you the tools you need to start your career in the Dental field. I want each student to be fully prepared and confident as they begin their journey as a Certified Dental Assistant. Speaking from my everyday experience as an office manager, the dental field is sorely lacking in well educated dental assistants. I want to change that. My goal is to have each student at DTA graduate with confidence and a high degree of competency, making them immediately hirable!”

My family, friends, Church, and exercise keep me wanting to be better, do better, and never settle.

Why choose The Dental Training Academy?

We are committed to our students at DTA, and want you to be successful in meeting your career dreams!  We are different from other surrounding area technical schools, which require a huge time commitment and high tuition costs!  We realize your time and resources are precious, and are committed to giving you the very best education and hands on training in order to make you successful!! At DTA, You will leaving our training ready for the work force, setting you apart from other applicants!!

At DTA, We understand that spending many months or even years in school is not practical or desirable for most students.

So, What’s the appeal for DTA?

Here’s the breakdown at The Dental Training Academy!   Our comprehensive course is given four times a year , on Saturdays, and each session runs in a compact 8 consecutive weeks.  Each class is 8 hours per week.  This makes for a total of 64 classroom hours of instruction. We teach our classes on Saturdays, so that you can continue working at your full-time job while you train for your new career in dental assisting!  We offer our students a voluntary 12-24 hours of practical on-the-job training, as well as opportunities to watch & work with real dentists in real practicing offices.  At DTA, you’ll be trained by well experienced professionals in an awesome, new , state of the art dental office!  Our students who study hard & make the effort to master the skills of a dental assistant will have no problem obtaining a position in the dental profession.

Dental Training Academy is licensed by the Alabama Community College System  

Would A New Career in Dental Assisting Interest You?

Then, please consider our program at DTA!  Our Classes are Small so that we can give you the Individual attention you need !  Our goal for our graduates is for you to get a job in your dream career…. Fast!  Use our experience to help you!  A career as a Dental Assistant can provide steady job security, great consistent pay, and a professional , respected work environment!

We all have choices in life.

Choosing the right dental assisting school makes all the difference. DTA provides the high quality hands-on learning you need to have to gain the dental career you’re looking for!


In just 8 short weeks, you can be qualified to work in your exciting new dental career as a Dental Assistant!